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Battery Revival & Repair Services Mumbai.

Revive your Battery, don't replace. Give your battery a second life.


Green Globe Tech is specialized in Battery Revival or Battery regeneration. Not many people know that batteries can be recovered instead of replacing. We help our clients save cost of operations by restoring the battery capacity.

What is Battery revival? Why is it required?

Battery revival also known as Battery Regeneration is a process that restores the battery capacity, giving you the ability to reuse old and sulphated batteries.

  • Battery revival/regeneration gives extended life to your bad functioning batteries.
  • Revival or Regeneration of batteries reduces operational cost by 50% for the firm
  • Most of the batteries contain 2-3 liters of sulfuric acid & lead, which are toxic and harmful for the nature. By regeneration of batteries we protect environment and conserve resources.
  • Battery revival makes maximum use of chemicals used in Battery manufacturing.

Benefits of Battery Regeneration

Batteries go bad due to poor maintenance. Battery regeneration or revival can be very helpful in reducing the cost and time of operations. Almost 75% of the batteries breaking down and losing capacity are sulphated, but can be restored with the right equipment. Contact now!

Reduced cost saves money

Battery Revival or Regeneration is much more cheaper than replacing the Battery hence reduced operational cost significantly

Environment friendly

Battery disposal is hazardous waste. Battery regeneration helps protect environment and also saves raw material

Improved back-up time

Battery regeneration optimizes battery functioning and hence improving the back up time by 80-90%

Increased Lifespan

Battery recovery increases life span of the battery by at least 1-2 year

Reduce your operational cost

Learn from us, why battery regeneration is easier than Battery replacement. Bettery revival not only help environment but also helps you reduce the cost. Call us and we will guide you for free!

Battery Revival Process

The capacity of your batteries decreases mainly due to sulphate crystals that gradually build up on the electrodes, which prevents the battery from delivering current in full capacity. This is called as Sulfation. Sulfation increases the resistance of batteries and also decreases the electrolyte density. This situation is unavoidable. Increasing sulfation (sulphation) results in reducing the battery capacity significantly. That is when Battery regeneration or recovery or revival is very effective.

1. Battery Sulfation happens

Reduces Battery capacity by 50-60% and reduced back-up time

2. We do Anlysis of the Battery

We check exactly where the battery sulfation has happened

3. We clean and Revive the Battery

Special equipment at Green Globe Tech, regenerates battery

4. Cleaned & Recovered Battery

Battery capacity increased back to 95-100%

Low capacity o​f​ batteries is ​primarily caused by sulphate crystals ​formed on the electrodes, preventing the battery from effectively delivering current​. These crystals in effect suffocate the battery. If your battery suffers from capacity loss, then our battery regenerator will be very effective.
If you service your battery once a year with our battery regenerator, sulfation will never stand a chance!


Prior to the regeneration process it is very important to make sure that the battery, battery connections and battery box are free of defects. We also need to make sure that the battery surface is neutralized so that sulfation build-up on the connectors doesn’t effect the battery performance. An untreated battery surface may cause leak currents which will have a bad affect on the battery life.


The Battery Revival/ Battery Regeneration machine runs several cycles on the battery. During this charging, equalizing and discharge process High Frequency Pulsation is carried out which gets rid of Sulfation caused on the battery surface. The crystals are removed. The gravity of electrolyte is increased and chemicals are restored to make sure increased capacity of the battery. Along with increased capacity battery regeneration also reduces the internal resistance.

Battery regeneration at Green Globe Tech is supported with all the care which needs to be taken for other aspects of battery.


The battery condition is analyzed once the regeneration process is done. The improved capacity is verified and report is prepared to be handed over to the customer.


When the Battery revival is done, battery is put back in place to use with increased capacity. Stop wasting resources. Save your operational cost and save environment.

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